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Z-050:2015 Green Compliance
This course gives you an overview of fundamental elements in sustainability, to enable you to make the right decisions in moving to the next steps.
What is Green Compliance?
Green compliance course was specifically developed to fulfill Malaysa commitment in Green Collar Job mapping study prepared by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) WITH (ILMIA), Ministry of Human Resource in 2015. ILO & ILMIA recommended that basic fundamental green knowledge and skills must be taught to all Malaysians to implement various green programme to support national plan and reduce carbon intensity per GDP by 40% and 45% by 2020 and 2030 respectively.

Duration :
40 hours / 5 days
Who Should Attend :
Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Designers, Land Owners, Property Developers, Property Agents, Town Planners in both public and private sector. Specially applicable for local councils and authorities nationwide and regionally.
Why should you attend the course :
- This course specifically fulfills the Immediate Objective #3 under ILO's Green Collar Job Mapping Malaysia Project.
- The one and only National Competency Standard by Department of Skills Development certified course for sustainable fundamentals.
- Experienced and Professional trainers & consultants
- Skills-based training that enhances productivity and job satisfaction
Speaker Charges / Course Fees :
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Course Schedule

DAY 1  Module 1: Green Goals
- Identify short-term goals
- Identify mid-term goals
- Adopt long-term goals
- Knowledge & Performance Assesstment
Module 2: Green Fundamentals
- Recognise climate change impact
- Identify environment requirements
- Identify biodiversity preservation
- Identify pollution control
- Identify natural resources sustainability
DAY 2 Cont. Module 2: Green Fundamentals
- Recognise carbon management
- Identify green practices policy & legislation
- Knowledge & Performance Assessment
Module 3: Green Buildings
- Identify buildings green requirements
- Identify green building rating system
- Identify green townships / cities
- Neighbourhood rating
- Knowledge & Performance Assessment
Module 4: Green Energy
- Recognise conservation & efficient use of energy
- Recognise renewable energy
- Knowledge & Performance Assessment
Module 5: Green Transportation
- Describe green infrastructure
- Transporation system

Cont. Module 5: Green Transportation

- Describe green vehicle
- Construction technology
- Describe green fuel options
- Knowledge & Performance Assesstment
Module 6: Water & Sewage Management
- Illustrate water resources sustainability
- Illustrate water treatment management
- Illustrate efficient water usage
- Illustrate sewage water & reuse
- Knowledge & Performance Assessment
Module 7: Waste Management
-Identify waste type & classification

Cont. Module 7: Waste Management

- Describe waste minimization practices
- Knowledge & Performance Assessment
Module 8: Green Economy
- Describe green procurement
- Identify green product & services
- Recognise green financing
- Explain life cycle costing
- Knowledge & Performance Assessment
Module 9: Green Culture
- Describe green practices & promotion
- Describe green community engagement
- Describe corporate environmental responsibility
- Describe continual improvement

Final Assesstment / Examination

Performance Assessment
- Prepare Material in Groupwork / Groups
- Group Presentations / Deliberations
- Final Results
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