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Energy Management System For Buildings (ENMS)
This course gives a fundamental knowledge & skills to evaluate & approve energy management system for buildings
What is Sustainable Procurement?
Energy is one of the key factors for the development of society and economic growth in Malaysia. The use of energy must be rational and productive in order to avoid unnessary wastage of depleting fuel resources and harmful environment impact such as pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Energy efficiency contribute to sustainable used of domestic energy resouces and reduce dependency on fossil energy and import of coal, gas, oil and other fuels, emission of harmful greenhouse gases. Applying energy management approach is an effective strategy to implement initiatives to reduce energy costs from energy conservative measures. For organisations to be able to achieve sustainable energy management, top executives must implement well-planned budgeted energy management programmes. The progress of energy saving measures must be monitored, reviewed and reported accodingly.

Duration :
20 hours / 3 days
Who Should Attend :
Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Designers, Land Owners, Property Developers, Property Agents, Town Planners in both public and private sector. Specially applicable for local councils and authorities nationwide and regionally.
Why should you attend the course :
- This course specifically fulfills the Immediate Objective #3 under ILO's Green Collar Job Mapping Malaysia Project.
- The one and only National Competency Standard by Department of Skills Development certified course for sustainable fundamentals.
- Experienced and Professional trainers & consultants
- Skills-based training that enhances productivity and job satisfaction
Speaker Charges / Course Fees :
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Course Schedule

DAY 1  Module 1: Management Policy Commitment
- Confirm Business Case
- Approve Internal Organisation Formastion
- Introduce Energy Policy Approve Organisational Resources
- Approve Energy Management System Planning
- Endorse Communication Plan

Module 2: Energy Management Planning
- Set Objective & Target
- Apply Energy Management System Concept
- Endorse Energy Review
- Prioritise Opportunities List
- Approve Actions Plans
- Allocate Resources for Opportunities
- Track Opportunities Implementation Progress

Module 3: Energy Management Implementation
- Execute Financial Resources Allocation
- Execute Human Resources Allocation
- Monitor ENMS Activities Progress
- Monitor Outputs of ENMS Activities
DAY 2 Cont. Module 3: Management Implementation
- Monitor Performance Against Energy Management Plan
- Execute Response Mechanism for Progress Deviation
- Endorse Appraisal Mechanism for Technical Performance

Module 4: Energy Management Evaluation
- Approve Initial Assessment & Retro-Commissioning Evaluation
- Approve Evaluation Reporting & Communication Requirements
- Endorse Evaluation Completion
- Approve Comprhensive Evaluation Approaches
- Approve for Submission to Regulators & Other Requirements

Module 5: Energy Management System Review
- Endorse Energy Management Program Outputs
- Endorse Continual Improvement Initiatives
- Evaluate System Requirements Compliance
- Review Performance for Continual Improvement
Final Knowledge Assessment

- Perfornance Assesstment
- Final Result / End of Session
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