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This course facilitates one in planning sustainable procurement processes execution, strategy monitoring, implementation and also control administration.
What is Sustainable Procurement?
Sustainable Procurement (SP) is about taking social and environmental factors into consideration alongside financial factors in making procurement decisions. It involves looking beyond the traditional economic parameters and making decisions based on the whole life cost, the associated risks, measures of success and implications for society and the environment. Making decisions in this way requires setting procurement into the broader strategic context including value for money, performance management, corporate and community priorities.

Duration :
56 hours / 7 days
Who Should Attend :
Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Designers, Land Owners, Property Developers, Property Agents, Town Planners in both public and private sector. Specially applicable for local councils and authorities nationwide and regionally.
Why should you attend the course :
- This course specifically fulfills the Immediate Objective #3 under ILO's Green Collar Job Mapping Malaysia Project.
- The one and only National Competency Standard by Department of Skills Development certified course for sustainable fundamentals.
- Experienced and Professional trainers & consultants
- Skills-based training that enhances productivity and job satisfaction
Speaker Charges / Course Fees :
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Course Schedule

DAY 1  Module 1: Sustainable Procurement Process Application
- Sustainable Procurement Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Validation
- Sustainable Procurement Budget Control
- Sustainable Procurement Specification Validation
- Sustainable Procurement Environmental Impact Verification
DAY 2 Cont. Module 1: Sustainable Procurement Process Evaluation
- Sustainable Procurement Standard Operating Procedure Validation
- Sustainable Procurement Environmental and Economic Impact Analysis
- Social Impact Study Target Performance Analysis
- Evaluation Criteria Analysis
- Knowledge & Performance Assessment
Module 2: Sustainable Procurement Process Management
- Sustainable Risk Consideration in Sustainable Procurement Strategy Execution 
Module 2: Sustainable Procurement Strategy Execution

- Sustainable Procurement Impact Analysis
- Market Analysis
- Sustainability Strategy Development in Sustainable Procurement Process
-Prioritisation & Improvement Plan
- Knowledge & Performance Assesstment

DAY 4 Module 4: Sustainable Procurement Implementation Monitoring
- Sustainable Procurement Documentation Analysis
-Sustainable Procurement Execution Monitoring
- Sustainable Procurement Monitoring & Evaluation Assessment
- Sustainable Procurement Report Verification
Cont. C03: Sustainable Procurement Process Adherence

- Monitoring Process Review

Cont. C04: Sustainable Procurement Administrative
- Sustainable Procurement Documentation Analysis
-Sustainable Procurement
DAY 6 Cont. C04: Sustainable Procurement Administration Monitoring
- Finacancial Procedure Requirement in Sustainable Procurement 
- Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Practice Compliance
- Social Impact Compliance
- Sustainability Contract Performance Management
- Knowledge & Performance Assessment


Final Assesstment / Examination 

- Performance Assesstment: Prepare Material in Groupwork / Groups
- Group Presentations / Deliberations
- Final Results



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